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What do we offer by way of training courses

The Benefits of Training

Training is an integral part of system implementation and is delivered by our Professional Services team at bubblebox:media. We will enable you to gain the most from your investment as quickly as possible.

Once your account has been created you will want to start using it straight away. For our Corporate solution the mandatory training requirement is the ESSENTIALS Training Package. Most organizations tend to book further, more in-depth training, so that their users can benefit from our feature rich solution. We also offer the ADVANCED Training Package, and Education Program.

The Education Programs

The Education Programs are the complete compliment of essential and advanced training courses designed to achieve maximum usage and reaching the highest level as quickly as possible. We find that users benefit significantly from an education program rather than a one off session. Once new users have run a few campaigns, they find further training allows them to be more productive and able to take advantage of the more feature rich aspects of the technology. The advanced training aspects make much more sense once the ESSENTIALS are mastered.

With the Education Program each delegate will receive:

  • One ESSENTIALS Training Package

  • One ADVANCED Training Package

  • An additional two hour Q&A (web-based)

This combined package enables marketing teams to get up to speed quickly and ensures that users are making the most out of the technology available.

On-site or web-based?

Having to take a group of staff out of the workplace for a day’s training is both costly and disruptive. Instead, our trainer(s) offer the option to travel to your site and deliver the course at your offices causing minimal disruption to the working day. These training packages cover a variety of course modules (the ‘ESSENTIALS package’ includes modules 1 to 6 and the ‘Advanced package’ modules 7 to 9).

Alternatively if you have just one or two people needing training we are able to offer web-based courses that may prove more cost effective. The packages can be purchased as a solution and then the modules can be delivered on separate agreed training days. It is also possible to purchase each module as a standalone course too.

Delivery style

Whether you decide to host the training at your site or via the web, you can be rest assured that the training will be practical and applicable to all users. The sessions have a “hands-on” approach with practical exercises forming the basis of the training. “The Learning is in the Doing” is our trainer’s motto. Where possible, we will endeavor to use your company’s account and materials within the session to make the exercises as close to real life as possible.

Blended Learning

bubblebox:media is aware that people have different learning styles and have made strides to accommodate these. Along with our workshop based Training sessions, a raft of information is available within the account. There is in-context help for each page and items on the screen. If you prefer, there are video clips or how to guides and Manuals. Searchable Frequently Asked Questions are a useful learning tool as many of them contain step by step instructions to deal with common issues. All online materials are updated on a regular basis and are constantly reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Don’t forget, the bubblebox:media team is available to help either directly through your account or via telephone. Telephone support comes as standard to all those who have participated in an ESSENTIAL training program.

Client Testimonials

Through better email marketing practices, our customers will be more informed on products relevant to them."- Spa Boutique
We like to work with suppliers who are passionate about the clients they work with. It was clear throughout the sales process that the bubblebox:media team hold this quality."- Pacific National Exhibition
Now we have an established loyal customer base, with bubblebox:media’s help, it is the right time to deliver more targeted email dialogue."- Spa Boutique
Over the past couple of years bubblebox:media have taken us from basic level email blasting to now executing campaigns that are more personalized and informative."- Uniglobe Travel
It was crucial that we found a company such as bubblebox:media that could provide intelligent email delivery, a consultative approach and fast campaign turnaround times."- Pacific National Exhibition
We selected bubblebox:media based on their extensive experience and excellent track record in achieving great results for clients in the travel industry. Their proactive approach to consultancy via their Continuous Improvement Program was a key factor.”- WD World Travel
bubblebox:media are proactive in generating new ideas such as creative design improvements and tagging links to aid segmentation."- Uniglobe Travel
Working with bubblebox:media over the couple of years has been a delight. bubblebox:media bring to the table a high level of consultancy and superior technology knowledge.” - Travelzest plc
bubblebox:media’s process driven approach along with their innovative ideas and experience helped to make our decision easy."- Pacific National Exhibition
We chose bubblebox:media after being particularly impressed by the technology and their proven expertise."- itravel2000
Working with the bubblebox:media team, combined with access to the technology they deploy, we are now only limited by our own imagination and the creativity of our membership." - Uniglobe Travel
Delivering best practice email marketing programmes is an essential part of our business strategy. Appointing bubblebox:media makes perfect sense."- itravel2000