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If you’ve created a blog using WordPress, then it makes sense to signup blog readers to your email marketing as well as your blog posts. Using bubblebox:mailer’s WordPress plugin makes it easy.

Let’s not miss any opportunity. If you’ve got a WordPress blog or site, it a ‘no-brainer’ as it’s so easy to achieve.

Email Marketing - WordPress The WordPress Plugin allows you to simply add a sign up box to your WordPress blog or site. The Sign up form for your bubblebox:mailer Email Marketing plugin is simple to set up and insert into your WordPress template and requires no technical know how! You can amend the settings of the plugin at any time from within your Settings in WordPress.

To use the WordPress Sign up form for your bubblebox:mailer Email Marketing plugin, you will need to have a bubblebox:mailer API user enabled on your account and your bubblebox:mailer API key details handy. These can be obtained from your Professional or Premium bubblebox:mailer account.

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