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Integrate with your CRM using one of our two integration solutions:
1. Connector – bubblebox:mailer sits within
2. Standard Data Integration Connector

Our brand new, pre-built Salesforce integration means you’ll never again have to leave the Salesforce environment while you create targeted, data driven email campaigns, processes and workflows. Watch the video now! Standard Data Integration

Salesforce integration comes with every Professional and Premium edition. This Salesforce integration is a powerful feature of bubblebox:mailer’s toolkit.

If your organisation uses as your CRM or your backend database, this feature will allow you to:

Email Marketing - Salesforce
  • Save time and resource manually managing your data

  • Ensure you gain maximum benefits offered by both bubblebox:mailer and

  • Simply ‘point and click’ to import leads

  • Automatically append bubblebox:mailer campaign contact history to your leads.

  • Schedule automatic updates and map unlimited database fields from your account to your bubblebox:mailer address book – just schedule and forget it.

  • Automatically update your and bubblebox:mailer suppression file through schedulable, 2-way data sync.

  • Get up and running without any programming. It’s a feature that’s built in and simply works. Just enter your user name, password and security token – and you are ready to go!

  • ** It’s important to note that there are a few limitations to this feature. do impose a limit on the number of API calls that can be made within a given 24 hour period. This may limit the number of bubblebox:mailer campaigns that you are able to sync up with in that time.
This API is only available with certain Professional, Premium and Franchise Editions. Please verify with as to how many API calls your account is entitled to.

As always, we’re here to help, and so either complete the form or give us a call on 604 357 7194.

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