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Online retailers using Magento can now gain the benefits of effortless data synchronisation and retail segmentation as our connector will allow you to:


Email Marketing - Magento
  • Perform historical and live synchronisation of customers and subscribers.

  • Perform historical and Live synchronisation of key customer data and RFM data e.g. Account creation date, total spend, AOV etc allowing advanced retail segmentation within bubblebox:mailer.

  • Automatically add bubblebox:mailer’s ROI tracking code within your site

  • Perform historical and live synchronisation of customers current baskets and orders allowing behavioural segmentation within bubblebox:mailer e.g. Customers who purchased X or customers with Y currently in their basket.

  • Send lost baskets triggers for both guests and accounts including embedding of the baskets contents.

  • Report on recovered baskets.

  • Automate and trigger email runs such as a welcome or re-engagement series, post purchase feedback or product replenishment.

  • Integrate with leading product recommendation engines for highly targeted cross-sell and upsell campaigns.
The bubblebox:mailer Magento Connector is available for Community Edition, version 1.5 upwards and Enterprise Edition, version 1 upwards.

Data Sync

bubblebox:mailer and Magento - Data Sync

Seriously powerful customer and order data synchronisation.

  • Customer details including, address details, gender, DOB, last logged in and which website/store they were created on.

  • Average order value, total no. orders and total spend allowing for RFM analysis and segmentation.

  • Purchase history using bubblebox:mailer’s transactional data fields we can store every order your customers have ever placed with you in bubblebox:mailer.

  • Basket data, using our transactional data fields we can also store customer’s current basket contents in bubblebox:mailer


Create useful segments based on customer, purchase and basket data.

  • Retail segmentation based around account creation, total spend, total no. orders, AOV.

  • Behavioural segmentation based on customers who purchased X or customers who have Y in their baskets.

  • Send offers to customers who only purchase with discounts or new-in campaigns to those who never buy discounted products.

  • Segmentation based on RFM analysis to provide your best, worst, loyal, churning or lost customers.

  • Geo-segmentation using bubblebox:mailer heatmap tool to instantly provide customers within a user-defined area anywhere in the world. This can then be used to drive footfall into nearby stores or target customers with offline offers.

bubblebox:mailer and Magento - Segmentation


bubblebox:mailer and Magento - Automation
Engage with your customers at the right time automatically. Using bubblebox:mailer’s trigger functionality you can easily create a series of emails to target specific customers based on any date. For example:

  • Welcome series based on their account creation date. Encourage new customers to make that first purchase with a series of enticing emails.

  • Retention series aimed at keeping in touch with engaged customers to keep them spending.

  • Win back series to re-engage lost customers and slowly bring them back into the buying circle.

  • Automatically trigger birthday/anniversary mailers to your customer base.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The average cart abandonment rate stands at 67.35% and it is imperative that online retailers try to re-target these already engaged customers. The bubblebox:mailer Magento connector expands on the standard lost basket functionality and allows you to send lost basket triggers via bubblebox:mailer.

  • Send a series of up to 3 different email campaigns at three user defined time intervals.

  • Send a different series for customers and guests ensuring you are always sending the right message.

  • Display the customer or guest’s basket contents within the email using bubblebox:mailer’s dynamic external content.

Cart Abandonment is only the tip of the iceberg. Combine transactional data and website behavioural data through injecting this data directly into bubblebox:mailer. Now you have the perfect combination of demographic data, geographic data, transactional data and website behavioural data at your figure tips. With bubblebox:convert elevate your timing and relevance together:

As its already integrated with Magento, it’s inexpensive to implement and deploy.

bubblebox:mailer and Magento - Lost Baskets
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