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With almost half the population in Canada and the USA now on Facebook, let’s incorporate Facebook into your subscriber acquisition strategy. With the Facebook signup tool you’re covered!

Our Facebook app makes it easy for your Facebook page visitors to signup on the spot for your email newsletters.

Email Marketing - Facebook To add the app to your Facebook page you will need to follow a short process which tells bubblebox:mailer which address book(s) to add that contact to, and what info to ask for. bubblebox:mailer makes it easy to add a signup option in a very simple and quick process.

You can choose which address books to add your new contact to, and how much data to collect at point of sign up. Don’t forget, you can always collect more data at a later point through a welcome program or preference centre.

Don’t monkey around anymore, either get in touch, or simply try it now! We`re bound to have the right package for you.

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