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Data Segmentation

Easily create targeted segments with our drag and drop segment builder

With bubblebox:mailer you can easily build sophisticated segments – in a matter of seconds

Whatever transactional, demographic or behavioural data you hold in your customer database, you can use dotMailer to segment your data into highly targeted, responsive groups.

Build a new segment

Email Marketing - Segment Builder - Data Segmentation

  • Drag and drop segments tool makes complex targeting simple, quick and easy for any marketer to do

  • Pre-built queries make it even easier for users to get started

  • No more need for sequel queries or complicated data mining tools

  • Create and retrieve query counts quickly and easily

  • Enables targeted basket/goal completion triggers

Behavioural and engagement profiling, for even greater response and ROI

Our segment builder enables powerful data selection and data mining including behavioural profiling and engagement, so you can easily target recipients based on their previous actions.

Behavioural and engagement profiling, for even greater response and ROI

Once you’ve created a data segment, bubble:box:mailer will update it every time a new contact matching that profile is added to your database.

So you don’t have to spend time rewriting and re-running queries with bubble:box:mailer, they will always be up-to-date.

Segment your data and drive your revenue – Turn your database into a powerful engine that will:

  • Query, identify and profile your most responsive and best ‘performing’ contacts so you can target them with specific programs

  • Drive email marketing automation based on your contacts’ transactional and demographic profiles, preferences and behaviour

  • Drive ROI-boosting, targeted offers and messages to individual groups, based on their profile and preferences and behaviour

  • Drive your database marketing to achieve MAXIMUM results – both online and offline

The segmentation tools are available within the Professional and Premium Packages only. More questions? Get in touch! We’re a friendly bunch.

It’s time you took a real look at what email marketing can do for you. Whether you wish to upgrade from an in-house or basic level system, then we’re sure you’ll like what we’ve got to offer. Don’t monkey around anymore, simply try it now!

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Client Testimonials

Through better email marketing practices, our customers will be more informed on products relevant to them."- Spa Boutique
We like to work with suppliers who are passionate about the clients they work with. It was clear throughout the sales process that the bubblebox:media team hold this quality."- Pacific National Exhibition
Now we have an established loyal customer base, with bubblebox:media’s help, it is the right time to deliver more targeted email dialogue."- Spa Boutique
Over the past couple of years bubblebox:media have taken us from basic level email blasting to now executing campaigns that are more personalized and informative."- Uniglobe Travel
It was crucial that we found a company such as bubblebox:media that could provide intelligent email delivery, a consultative approach and fast campaign turnaround times."- Pacific National Exhibition
We selected bubblebox:media based on their extensive experience and excellent track record in achieving great results for clients in the travel industry. Their proactive approach to consultancy via their Continuous Improvement Program was a key factor.”- WD World Travel
bubblebox:media are proactive in generating new ideas such as creative design improvements and tagging links to aid segmentation."- Uniglobe Travel
Working with bubblebox:media over the couple of years has been a delight. bubblebox:media bring to the table a high level of consultancy and superior technology knowledge.” - Travelzest plc
bubblebox:media’s process driven approach along with their innovative ideas and experience helped to make our decision easy."- Pacific National Exhibition
We chose bubblebox:media after being particularly impressed by the technology and their proven expertise."- itravel2000
Working with the bubblebox:media team, combined with access to the technology they deploy, we are now only limited by our own imagination and the creativity of our membership." - Uniglobe Travel
Delivering best practice email marketing programmes is an essential part of our business strategy. Appointing bubblebox:media makes perfect sense."- itravel2000